About Us

Well at KETO Chiropractic Center we treat you like we would want to be treated!

It all starts with a friendly and warm smile, then we offer you a complimentary tasty and nutritious protein smoothie. We then ask you to have a seat and place your legs in our iJoy Human Touch calf and foot massager. While you are relaxing and enjoying your shake our front receptionist asks you a few questions so we can find out more about you.

Then you are escorted to our Consultation room where you will be informed about the low cost of your first visit and subsequent visits as well. And then the Doctor will come in and go over your personal history and ask you a very important question, “Is this everything I need to know or is there more?”. Right after that your problem will be x-rayed and you will be led into the very modern treatment room.

While waiting for the Doctor to analyze your x-rays you will be given a very relaxing and therapeutic massage. This will allow the Doctor to make adjustments to your body with out any force or roughness.

Our Doctors also utilize the latest therapeutic technology like our Cold Laser. The Cold Laser is a laser that does not burn or harm you in any way. It is a low level laser that stimulates your cells back to normal. In other words, it removes inflammation and pain at the speed of light.


When your treatment is thru you will check out on a Touch Screen computer and be given a totally healthy, no sugar, no milk chocolate bar (ChocoPerfection). Oh and did I mention, You will not gain an ounce and it tastes . . . . great!”.

Dr. Grego drinks and distributes Alkaline drinking water, this helps eliminate free radicals, acid and waste while properly hydrating the body. He wants to get as many others as possible to do the same.

And that’s why – for our patients – better health DOES begin here.

But of course, YOUR better health can’t begin here until YOU are here, so call us today at 706.616.6775 to arrange for your free x-ray and consultation.